G+A Promotions was started in 1992 by Gunter and Abie Drotschie. This dynamic father and son team saw a potential gap in the South African Motor Sport supply market after they found it extremely difficult to source correct-fitting race wear for their own use. Once all the special fabrics and machinery were sourced - their humble beginnings started in a small garage with two employees.

G+A Promotions big boost came a few months later when they signed a long term agreement with FIRST RACE, which is part of the AUTOQUIP group. G+A Promotions have been manufacturing and solely supplying FIRST RACE with all there locally manufactured race gear for the past 12 years and the "marriage" between these two companies is expected to continue for a very long time.
Other than its new modern race shop , G+A Promotions has been actively involved for the past 10 years in buying, selling, importing and exporting new and used race cars and parts.

Another big milestone in G+A Promotions history is the long term contract signed between them and NA CARRERA in 2004. NA CARRERA race slicks are manufactured in Cordoba, Argentina and is the leading brand used in South America. With this agreement in place and currently 1000 racing tyres in stock, G+A Promotions and its country wide dealers offer a very affordable, excellent quality race tyre.


G+A Promotions has grown from a 'only race suit manufacturer' into one of the largest
motor sport supply companies in South Africa. Currently the company employees 15 full time
staff at its 750 square metre business premises and has 25 imported racing related agencies
for motor sport application.
G+A Promotions have purchased a variety of ex-works Touring cars/team packages that competed in the South African Touring car championship. A few of these cars have succssessfully been exported to countries like Trinidad and Costa Rico. Because of G+A Promotions' worldwide contacts, they also offer a service to source any item that is motor sport or non-motor sport related.

Both Gunter and Abie have a huge motor sport passion and still run there company with a very active involvement in motor sport, they currently race a V8 race car competing in regional motor sport and also run a V8 Gymkhana/Drift car. Both these high performance cars are used as test equipment for the variety of racing related products G+A offer to there clients.
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